The journey begins

The journey begins


As my 3.5 year old says nowadays… Red-Set-Go! Aspire is ready, ready more than ever to punch the industry in the face and shake it up.

It cost MAXIMeyes Group, my training pit, where I learnt almost everything about business management and recruitment, tonnes of money, time, effort & admin, to recruit. On all levels. Whether it is junior office admin team, client account managers, all the way up to the most senior management team. And the cost of the actual recruitment process is not always the biggest element (don’t get me wrong, it pains like hell when a small company has to pay 15-25% of the first year’s salary to the recruitment agent!). Yes, OK, you do have to spend hours explaining all the spec, requirements, your culture, your objectives to all the agents that you want to work with. That is just after you spent hours filtering 15+ companies that are on your list and finally narrowed it down to 3 or 4. Then you will spend hours interviewing. 1hr+ first round of interviews followed by 1hr+ second round with shortlisted candidates. Between February and May when I was building our very own Business Development team I conducted 25 interviews in round 1 and just over 10 interviews in round 2, just to get 2 people behind their desks!

Then you have to train, teach, and train just a bit more, and teach just a bit more to make sure they do understand you, your business, your values, objectives, plans, aspirations, your products, the way you conduct yourself with your clients; then you need to take time to make sure they ‘gel’ with the team. And for us it is important. That they ‘gel’ well.

But even all of this is not the biggest cost & risk we face as a business, just like thousands of other businesses across the UK and around the world. The biggest cost is the cost of failing. Plummeting face down when your decision turned out to be wrong.

It is estimated that the cost of failure in recruitment is equivalent to the first year’s salary for the role you are trying to fill. So you make a bad choice with your new COO and you are £100k down. Just. Like. That.

So we thought: NO!!! This cannot be that bloody hard! The technology is so advanced, there are so many industries challenging the status quo and innovating left, right and center. There must be a way to limit the risks businesses and candidates face when it comes to recruitment!

And this is what we are ready for. Well, almost. Aspire is designing an algorithm that will allow people and companies to correctly match. Based on their expectations, experience, but more so personality, passions and culture fit. We are learning each person and the company individually and only recommend the match where we are confident that both sides are going to ‘gel’ well. You may be an excellent software engineer, but behind the scenes you are a passionate freak about classic cars – well, we will surely try our best to push in front of you an opening in the engineering department in the new Jaguar factory. You get the idea, right?  Exactly.

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