The gig-economy

The gig-economy

The gig-economy was just a warning shot. Say good bye to recruitment agencies!

Did you know that in 2016 1 in 6 of the UK workforce was registered as self-employed? That’s 4.79 million people. It’s rising too, between March and May last year there were around 300,000 people registered as self-employed. The reason for this?

Two words: Gig. Economy.

Proceeded by what is known as the sharing economy the gig economy is one of many effects of the software revolution. The concept of a business based on a shared economy is a relatively new one and has caused huge disruptions in the recent years. Air BnB, Uber and Lyft are all notable examples of this.

It was the success of the sharing economy which ushered in the next logical step. The gig economy provides further prospects for specialised workers to find work or “gigs” suitable to their skill sets, needs and time schedules. Appealing particularly to highly skilled industry specific works which have a relatively high turnover of including digital marketing, graphic design, coding, writing and software development.

The effect of this is furthering a paradigm shift across the industries. Whereas before, to run any kind of tech or software based company, you would have to have a team in house, it is now more common to hire freelancers in for specific projects, who will then walk away once their gig is done. This means less sunk costs into staff and access to higher skilled personnel.  As you can image this is great for new businesses and great for the talent. With greater freedom and mobility of employment, that perfect candidate is tied up for less time.  Sorry recruitment agents, what can we say – your just not suited for a gig economy.

What are the advantages and how do I get them?

Here at ASPIRE we believe we can see the future of recruitment and it goes beyond the gig economy. Our unique linking algorithms utilize big data to match candidates and employers in a way that simply has not been seen before. Here’s the rundown of why it’s good for you:

  • Access to a wider talent pool – Forget commuting, remote working is the new commuting. With digital technology progressing faster than ever it is important to ensure you are fishing in the ocean and not the local pond. One of the great strengths of ASPIRE is we are not location based, we are the ocean – not another recruitment agent flogging the biggest fish in their pond.
  • Stronger culture and branding reinforcement – Traditionally you attempt to find candidates who strengthen or contribute to your unique culture by writing things like “go getter attitude a must” or “Calling all team players!”. Now ASPIRE makes use of the vast quantities of meta data available online to match like-minded candidates and employers behind the scenes. Furthermore, our clients have ability to design their profile in a way that will appeal to the people they want to attract and showcase their strengths in a tasteful way.
  • Spend less time looking and more time finding. Let’s face it, recruitment companies are hard work. They are also expensive. This can lead to candidates being matched to positions they are not ideally suited for – because sometimes, you just need a role filled. ASPIRE can help you get through the recruiting stage quickly, restoring power and flexibility to hiring managers. This enables them to ensure strong candidates are in the right roles which in turn minimises staff turnover.
  • Knowledge and understanding. Job titles and roles, especially in specialised industries can be so convoluted, hiring managers might not even know what they are looking for. If I gave you a post-it note with “ C++ Developer / Full Stack Programmer (Open Source JavaScript Node.js Ruby AngularJS C++)” written on it and asked you to find someone, you might take it to a recruitment agent who will setup some interviews with people who mention programming on their CV.  ASPIRE helps HR managers to complete the job spec, requirements, expectations and their own profile quickly and efficiently, providing valuable training along the lines.

Request an invite.

ASPIRE is an invite only application so don’t miss out on your opportunity to be involved. Check out our burgeoning website at where you can request an invite.

Recruitment has been too slow for too long. That’s all about to change. Be a part, join the revolution. SIGN UP TODAY!

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