It is OK to appreciate competition.

It is OK to appreciate competition.

I have learned that it is OK to appreciate & be inspired by your competitors.

It somehow feels that tech industry has quite a different approach to the competition. Or maybe it is just the early start-up approach, I don’t know yet. (Maybe some more experienced players out there will be able to shed some light on what happens when you hit your first 1000 customers and you start being valued in millions of $ – do you still appreciate your competitors or would you rather buy them all out to make them disappear from the world’s surface…?) But speaking from my own experience & feelings about competitors, there is rather a large level of admiration than jealousy & fight.

“Don’t you dare to share!”

Coming from a 10+ years experience in a very different industry (energy brokering/consultancy), I have experienced quite a different attitude. Comments like: “Don’t accept invitations from competitors on LinkedIn. They will be spying on us.”; “Be careful, what you share on your page. Don’t give them any ideas to steal.”; “Eyes around your head at the industry events – you don’t know who’s listening…” – this seemed to be a norm.

Learning from the “good guys”

But now, venturing into tech recruitment world with I find that following  & interacting with competitors, more established, more successful, gives me a sense of belonging & access to a great level of knowledge, which they are happy to share (sic!). Maybe I am being silly and naive, but I can’t help but to enjoy reading @workable posts on Twitter, where they pass on so much information and industry insight. I have also registered to attend Jobbio HIGHER at the end of the month and I am so damn excited that I will be able to learn so much!

ASPIRE is joining the club

Yes, I do hope that soon will be hosting events that bring thousands of people together; we will be looked upon for inspiration and knowledge and receiving words of appreciation from our younger colleagues entering the market. And I do hope that my attitude to that knowledge & experience sharing will not change. It does feel much better. We all have something to offer.


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