New wave of recruitment.

New wave of recruitment.

Sorry handwritten covering letter, but I hate you. And so does the industry.

The biggest driver in recent years for recruitment was technological advancement. If you’ve been reading my blog every week (and if not, why not?) then you’ll know that I’ve spent a fair bit of time researching and analyzing trends in recruitment and tech. You may have also picked up on my mix of frustration and amazement that the recruitment industry has managed to plod along so slowly for so long. Well not for much longer – with technology giving just about every industry going a well-deserved kick up the ass, recruitment is finally being dragged into the 21st Century.

Social Media

The advent of social media caused a tsunami knock on effect throughout all industries. This huge wave is still being ridden by many industries and in recent times recruitment is one of them. There has been a huge increase in the last few years of employment through social media. The Aberdeen Group, an American technology and services company, found that up to 73% of 18-34-year-old heard of or found their most recent job through social media. I cannot understate the impact of social media in recruitment (or any other field to be honest).

Inbound recruitment through culture and marketing

Traditionally, large, powerful companies have been something of an invite only situation. However, in more recent times, corporations have started to take on a kind of personality.  Examine company’s such a Deloitte hiring pool and you’ll find Oxford and Cambridge graduates with massive amounts of potential or industry ‘Names’ with equally enormous amounts of experience. On the other end of the spectrum if you went to Silicon Valley to look at Facebook’s hiring pool you’d find Uni dropouts and coder kids with more ambition and pie in the sky dreams than actual experience.  What’s the point of this observation?

You now need more than a candidate with the right skills. You want a candidate with the right skills who is also the right fit.

Analytics, analytics, analytics…

For so long recruitment and HR in general have been exempt from the “A” word. Getting a pass off the back off claiming that recruitment is a “people person” job or that technology is no a replacement for getting the “feel” of a person. Now however, how the shoe is on the other foot. With the cloud providing cheap and easy storage and analytics or CRM software more widely available, recruitment is firmly and irrevocably digitised. Not just recruitment process itself though. The analytics throughout the onboarding process, performance monitoring and verification of the initial investments are key elements for the data driven recruitment. Gone are the filing cabinets of yester-year and bye-bye to the hand-written cover letter which never got read anyway.

Thank god, I genuinely hated writing those …

Candidates want (and deserve) more.

The candidate of today is much more demanding than the candidate of 15 years ago, who am I kidding, even 5 years ago! The reason for this is quite simply, technology. 15 years ago, if you needed a new job you were prepared to get out there and sell yourself. Meet people, network, shake hands and make a good impression. Now you only need to own a phone. All the top recruitment sites now have accompanying apps and mobile optimized websites. Passive recruitment is up massively since sites like Link’d enable companies to headhunt talent. It’s unrealistic to expect a good candidate to hang around for too long nowadays. Which is yet another reason for the huge amount of pressure in finding a 5 star, Jedi programmer and getting him on board as soon as humanly possible whilst still trying to convince yourself he definitely shares the company’s values… Definitely.

So, what did we learn today?

Well it looks to me like recruitment is balancing on the eye of the needle. With so many market forces and technological progression pulling on the industry it’s difficult to predict where the industry is going.

Some things though are obvious to me;

  • Recruitment will continue to become digitalized.
  • Social media will play a big part in recruitment.
  • Culture will become a major force in recruitment
  • The power is shifting over to the candidate more than it has before.

Now if only there was some sort of software or app which was built with the above in mind? Built not just to work within the shifting recruitment industry but to shape the recruitment industry…

Request an invite.

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