Product research – Help Wanted :)

Product research – Help Wanted :)

We are reaching out to entrepreneurial community to help us with a market research.

The platform we are building is set to change the way we look at recruitment. Forever. Think of it as but for recruitment. And we would love your help. If you can spare few minutes and answer as many question as you can, it would be tremendous. The participants will have a chance to win an invitation to the platform (invite only) from earliest stage. Please post the answers in the comments section below or email to

  1. What is the size of your company? (how many employees?) #
  2. Who are you looking for: blue – white – pink collars. How many recruits per year? #
  3. Do you have HR (or equivalent) department? #
  4. If no, who manages recruitment  & conducts interviews in your company (what is their role in the business)?  #
  5. How does the recruiting process work today? #
  6. When was the last time you recruited someone for your company, what position? #
  7. Have you ever had to recruit for a field which you didn’t fully understand? #
  8. What steps you took to go through it? #
  9. Did you use any tool or an application to help with the process? If so what was it? #
  10. How did you find the tool/ application that you used? (Internet, direct recommendation, sales call)
  11. How long were you using it for? #
  12. How has it changed the recruitment experience for you? #
  13. Was there anything that could’ve improved the experience? #
  14. Was there anything that was frustrating that if removed would help the experience? #
  15. Which part of the process takes most of the effort/time? (so job description / sourcing leads/ interviewing/ tracking….) #
  16. How do you go about preparing a job description? #
  17. Have you designed the interview process? #
  18. How many people take part in this process? Where are they coming from? (inside the company / outside the company) #
  19. Have you ever googled to find a job description suited for a role you’re hiring for? #


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