Should it ever matter, what your skin colour is, where you are from or whether you define yourself as a man, woman or don’t want to define yourself at all when you are looking for a great job?

What matters is how good you are in what you do and how well you fit into an organisation.

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ASPIRE opens up opportunities for people all over the world to find and access the most inspirational jobs without being subject to biased assessment by hiring managers.

ASPIRE's Candidate Process

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Complete ASPIRE’s CapabilitiesAptitudePersonality assessment to build your objective profile. INCOGNITO.

Match With Companies

Receive the most accurate recommendations of the companies where your personality fits best and your qualities will shine.

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Shortlist / apply for / share with your friends jobs that inspire you. Find “cool jobs” you would not have considered before! Dare to ASPIRE.


Interview and secure the job. Share your references stored on secure blockchain to complete background checks with your new employer.

You take charge of your background checks information through our unique Secure Identity Card built on a blockchain protocol. You decide who you share your data with, how much of it and when, protecting your information from an unauthorised distribution. Earn ASPIRE tokens each time you share your data!

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