Inventing NON-BIAS recruitment via #blockchain. Globally.


  • ASPIRE’s mission: utilise AI and Blockchain technology to accurately match and connect the right candidate to the right role in a non-bias and effortless way

  • Experienced team, credible and much needed product, aggressive market adoption strategy, advanced technology application and opportunities for global scaling immediately after launch

  • Option available for early supporters: access to private token sale at a biggest discount of 50%

  • High returns over 2-5-year period

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An analysis of 232 ICOs by Mangrove Capital partners concludes that: “If one had invested blindly in every ICO, including the significant number of ICOs that failed, this would have delivered a 13.2x return.”


At an average rate of 1,320% ROI, ICO investment is one of the most reliable opportunities for maximising your profits.

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The Problem

Sourcing and assessing candidates is inefficient, expensive and has huge tendencies to be biased. Enterprises around the world are under pressure to provide equal opportunities, yet they do not have the right tools to apply. And assessment is just a start: effective onboarding and relevant training are essential to building sustainable, diverse and high performing teams.

The ASPIRE Solution

ASPIRE is utilising Machine Learning, Augmented Intelligence and behavioural science to objectively profile candidates and enterprise to generate the most accurate culture and competency match between them both. We are removing bias from the process providing equal opportunities to top performers from all over the world to secure positions that best meet their qualities and allowing enterprise to build truly diverse and creative teams. All with an affordable price tag for enterprise of all sizes.

ASPIRE's solution improves:

  • Candidate assessment
  • Candidate engagement
  • Candidate onboarding
  • Candidate background checks
  • Enterprise culture assessment
  • Enterprise recruitment strategy
  • Enterprise brand awareness
  • Enterprise costs by up to 70%
ASPIRE PRO version available for Professional Recruiters
non-bias recruitment

Potential Returns

ASPIRE is set for a success thanks to the experienced team, credible and much needed product, aggressive market adoption strategy, advanced technology application and opportunities for global scaling immediately after launch.


LinkedIn, Recruit, Monster


3-4x ROI in 2-4 years; 8x+ ROI long term


5-8 years

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Business Roadmap


Feb – September 2018


July 2018

Create a pool of candidates and enterprises as early adopters for launch


Q4 2018

Successfully completed ICO. Introduction of ASPIRE Token - Global Recruitment Currency


January 2019

First candidates and enterprise onboarded; assessments completed


June 2019

Company No: 10745314
VAT: 276385465

T: (+44) 07828 507061
E: justyna@aspireapp.co

Trading addresses:
56-58 High Street, Sutton, London, SM1 1EZ, UK
Avon House, 435 Stratford Road, Solihull, B90 4AA, UK

Registered office:
C/O Fairman Harris, 3rd Floor North, Walworth Road, London, England, SE17 1JE

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